• Marketer, entrepreneur and father

Marketing is my passion. For over 13 years, I have been launching new projects and scaling ambitious businesses that required multiple growth. I assembled a team of young talented people and united them with a common goal. My team is like-minded workaholics and idealists. For the last 3 years, we have successfully implemented more than 190 projects in 9 countries and we have gotten experience in 10 different areas.



We all know what complex and global projects are, what it means to be done till yesterday. We know the moment to feel the client, to guess his desires.

We know how to convey all ideas to the user and also we understand that digital is not only about creativity but also about the sales plan, ROI and LTV.

Konstantin Soloviov
Vlad Semchuk
Co-founder, creative director
Artem Tonchenko
Project manager
Bohdan Zvirko
Vlada Podvoiskaya
Yulia Tsesarenko
Chief Editor
Valeriya Moskalyuk
Victoria Pochapska
Head of content
Tanya Runcheva
UX / UI designer
Anton Sytnykov
Business analyst
Dmutrii Vasylenko
Targeted Advertising Specialist
Pavel Kyrylenko
Head of Web Development
Sergei Petrov
Head of video production
Kateryna Lomakyna
Head of educational projects


With different companies both from Ukraine and around the world.


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Our company is a large agricultural holding that is in the top 20 largest exporters of Ukraine. Initially our business, like many others, was built offline. But today all of us clearly understand that it is impossible to conduct high-graded successful business without digitalization. That's why following recommendations we addressed Soloviov Marketing. At the moment guys have already created an integrated marketing funnel, shooted video series and continuously maintain our social networks. So far we are satisfied with the services provided by the agency.

  • Irina Vasilkovskaya
  • Brand Manager

I am the head of marketing department of Unex Bank. The first time we began to work was a little more than a year ago. Together we made up a character for our bank, also we changed the design of one of our projects. I’d say as it is: it was easy for us to work together hence we had immediately found a common language. The result of our common work exceeded all expectations and we received Fin Awards 2020 for the most creative banking advertising campaign in 2020. Thank you guys!❤️

  • Oksana Vashchyshyna
  • СМО Unex Bank

Just after the quarantine had begun it was a time of full uncertainty in our industry and we appealed to Soloviov Agency. We decided that making our project online is a matter of survival. To be honest I didn’t really believe that guys would have launched a website, advertising campaign, set all key advantages and formulated the offer for parents in 2 weeks. We received over 1000 applications, the product appeared to be very necessary for parents who work at home in order to keep children busy during quarantine. As a result, we have completed the project and continue to work further. Thanks to your team, you really saved us at the very hard moment!

  • Vitaly Bresler
  • Director, British camp STUDY.UA

I am the head of the marketing department at Study ACADEMY. We work with Konstantin and his team for over 3 years. I appeal to these guys when there is a need of quality landing page. For me as a marketer it is necessary for websites to be convertible (it should bring leads). Websites made by Soloviov Marketing yield results. Personally checked. We also often order some video-production projects. It is not cheap but they do it well.

  • Ksenia Petrova

I am political strategist and I work with parties same as with individual politicians. I involved the team of Soloviov marketing agency for the launching of digital campaigns of candidates taking into account that guys are specialized at development of integrated marketing solutions (websites, video, marketing funnels and PR). The main complexity in politics is a tight schedule. Election campaigns are often short-termed and tasks are given at the very last moment. This is exactly what happened in our case. But despite the tight deadlines, Konstantin's team promptly launched a digital campaign and showed high efficiency and teamwork. As a result, 4 out of 5 candidates whose marketing was led by Konstantin's team won the elections.

  • Dmitry Anoprienko
  • Political strategist

I am an IT entrepreneur, founder of ORTY services that is a modern system for managing restaurants of a new generation. When the first ways of the quarantine started, guys helped me to transfer some of the restaurants online. They conducted moreover some webinars in a very short term about how restaurants should work at the time of lockdown. The team of Soloviov Marketing helped me to launch advertising during the hard period when everything stopped in the restaurant niche. It is valuable.

  • Mikhail Popchuk
  • Founder of the startup "ORTY"

I was very worried when the time came to conceptually change the online strategy of our resort. But the guys from Soloviov Marketing did it quickly and professionally. We are now working on a permanent basis. Thanks to the new marketing strategy, I have a clear understanding of how many calls or requests I can receive in a specific period and at what price. We also implemented channel-by-channel analytics and CRM-system, as well as completely updated the site, launched advertising and developed board designs. I think we will continue to cooperate for a very long time.

  • Tatiana Skyba
  • Director of Erney Laz

Initially I appealed to Soloviov Marketing to attract more customers and increase the number of applications on our website. The guys analyzed the site and determined that it was hopelessly outdated and a new one should be made. So as we decided. After launching a new website, we managed to reduce the cost of attracting new customers by 1.5 times! In addition, the Soloviov Marketing team developed a completely new brand book for us and traced the client's path through the site that gave us the opportunity to identify and address our weaknesses. We have developed friendly relations with the guys and now I know where to go in case of something :)

  • Kirill Stepanov
  • Founder and CEO of Aperion System's


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