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Before starting work on a project, we always conduct a thorough audit of the client and the market.

Often we find out that:

  •  the brand cannot compete on a market, but the company is not ready to change;
  • the brand is outdated, but the company is not ready to take risks;
  • the brand is not interesting to the market or does not differ from competitors, but the company is not ready to experiment.

In the majority of such cases, we do not even take a project if we believe such approaches are fundamentally important.

But there are some exceptions…

Initial data

At the moment of implementation of the bankruptcy law in Ukraine, the “Zvilnymo” law company was founded. The company’s activity is to provide legal assistance to people who have a large loan amount and have to go through a bankruptcy procedure in court to get their loans written off.

company logo

The client’s request was quite simple: how to occupy a niche that doesn’t have competitors yet and receive significantly more applications than they have at the moment.

Typically, we would start by building a brand so strong that competitors would not be able to catch up (sooner or later they will appear).

But the law should have been adopted within a month from the moment we met the client. We decided to act quickly.


The first hypothesis was that the novelty of the law would mean for us that the consumer would not trust the product. The main task in such conditions is to convey to the client the idea that it is possible to solve the problem of the credit hole legally, and no one can cope with this task better than the “Zvilnymo” company.

The following marketing funnel was developed for this task:

If someone does not know or has forgotten what the letters in the middle mean, don`t forget to look through the checklist. Compulsory!


Before the funnel`s implementation, it was decided to conduct a test launch through the main advertising channels to determine the general state of demand in the market, as well as the main indicators for further planning and budgeting.

We developed “classic” banners for advertising on Facebook and Instagram, as well as on the Google context-media network.

After the advertising campaign had run for 5 days, everything became quite clear…


Google search


For some ad groups, the indicators exceeded the “standard” by 3-4 times.



In general, the statistics were as follows




Facebook and Instagram had great results too


Herewith, ads were made on the “head-on” basis for the test.

Summary of the test period

It seemed like the market was looking forward to this product 🙂

It would be unfair not to take into account the great work of our entire team. Nevertheless, the merit of the product is clearly in the first place here.

* within the framework of the non-disclosure agreement (NDA), we cannot show you all the creatives and more detailed settings of the AC.

Current conditions of the product

After a month of our work, the indicators retained their dynamics and even improved in some way. Since there are no problems with the number of leads, the focus of our team has shifted to improving leads` quality.

The main problem, for now, is a large number of unstructured leads, that steal from 30 minutes to 2 hours of the sales manager’s time – and this is only during the initial contact.

To educate the consumer, an advertising funnel will be launched based on training videos about the law, bankruptcy proceedings, and company services. For the first time in history, the task is to “get fewer leads” 🙂


Guys, we sincerely hope that my subscribers or your relatives do and will not need to use the services of the “Zvilnymo” company.

Still, life is not an apple pie, and situations could be unpredictable. If you or your friends have difficulties with paying off loans, feel free to contact the guys at. We can guarantee the quality of the service!


Tip: if your company operates in a highly competitive market, and there is a fight for each client, the brand is crucial for you.
But if your market is like a “blue ocean”, then the most important thing for you is scaling at supersonic speed.

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