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Do you remember the first case with Unex Bank?

We are still working with these guys and now we help with 2 products simultaneously. Let`s start with the one you already know…

Major news: Unex Bank took part in the “Bank of the Year-2019” competition and received the “Best cashback of the year” award.

Why the name of the card was changed? The guys made such cool conditions that they decided to leave HochuKu in the past.

And the card became really “tasty”: we were not even afraid to post an actual comparison of all cards on the market.

I would also like to attach to the results of our common victory, results of the SMM activity:

There is still a lot of work to be done, but a great start has already been made💪🏼

And there are many other victories we write about this on Facebook and Instagram.

What else has been done? The landing page, we wrote about in the first case, had been updated for the New Year theme:

The first version was quite festive but colleagues from the bank considered it was “too much” and we settled on the current version you can rate here.

And, which version do you like best? Write in comments 🙌🏼

We have also prepared new banners for advertising, taking into account the latest events and the new marketing funnel.

Sashko is still amazing 😍

Cash loan

A new product we started working with. Here we had to do everything from the scratch.

The guys from Unex came up with such a cool offer we even worried at first that it was too good 🤣

The idea of the product is the following: a client receives a loan in cash having 3 months without interest to be paid.

For example, you take UAH 10,000 for 10 months.

The first 3 months you return 1,000 UAH, and from the 4th month – 1,050 UAH.

But if you return the entire amount within 3 months, you pay only UAH 10,000 – and not a penny more.

The first thing we have done is a visual mood board for the product:

And then we proceeded to the website.

I apologize right away, we did everything so quickly that I haven’t even saved screenshots of the previous version of the landing page. I can say that it was almost the same as with the credit card described in the previous case.

I promised that there will be a little text, so to cut a long story short: a lot of trials, options, ideas, and approvals, and finally here is the final result:

You can check the finished work 👉🏼 here. The structure and design were developed from scratch in 3 days, Karl… This has already been our small victory. But you better never do that 🙂

Well, for the most curious ones: the conversion rate was very high that has already become a pleasant classic in cases when we create both a website and an advertising campaign in an integrated manner 😎

There was one very funny situation during the website development: at the end of the design development, when it seemed like our brains have already been boiled, our designers suggested adding Sub-Zero to the landing page as a joke, since he suits a lot for the frosty theme…

And it seemed that a joke could remain a joke, but I fell too much in love with this idea and I begged to make an advertising banner with Sub-Zero for the test, almost on my knees at the meeting. Overcoming arguments like “our target audience does not understand who is this”, “our target audience is older”, we received the approval. And, along with beautiful, stylish banners:

The “dark horse” was also developed:

And one magical winter morning the advertisement was launched having 2 banners – a classic one and Sub-Zero.

By the end of the day, we got the following results:

Sub-Zero showed the result 6.5 times (!) better.

After 2 days, we turned off the banner so as not to tease Warner Bros. for copyright, but the hypothesis was confirmed, and our degree of madness will only increase 🤯🤪

The key point of this case (IMPORTANT)!

I noticed that most actual businesses tend to underestimate their client. This approach is also dictated by old marketing statements: “The client needs to be told directly what we offer and what we expect from him/her – everything should be simple and clear”.

I will disappoint the sticklers of this method: doing marketing with this approach in 2020 is like filming a Russian comedy.

And doing something cool, creative, something that the audience “will not understand” is like filming the Joker with Joaquin Phoenix.

You can compare the box office charts for the first and second options by yourself 🙂

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