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Let’s start with the basics: an Instagram business account is more than just a picturesque page. First of all, it is your own media through which the company broadcasts its brand, its values, and “face”.

So don’t be sloppy about your profile. Especially if you want to collect high-quality feedback, build brand trust, and, surely, increase your income.

Second, it’s a cool opportunity to retain current customers for free. Yes, the keyword here is FREE. The main thing is to be interesting and frequent in your communication.

Third, it is also a chance to attract new customers. Ads on Instagram that direct the client to the browser can be annoying. Why not use the transition to the Instagram page? Here you can look through the product, get acquainted with the brand, or maybe book immediately.

By the way, this allows you to get started without your own website. At the request of the client, we often started from scratch, and while the website was just being under development, we already launched ads on the already designed Instagram profile.

This is a universal method and is equally good for everyone, either the granite plant or handmade jewelry.


It was





How does it work?

Today we will not get into the details of granite and handicrafts, but we will describe our recent work on the account of the ProstoFood delivery restaurant.

Here, as in the art of war, everything starts with strategy. And we are not an exception🙂

At the very beginning, we define the target audience, its needs, and pains. Our task is to choose the right wrapping for relieving these pains. Therefore, the next stage is the creation and detailing of the idea. Here we select the tone of the brand (the language of communication with the audience), find references and write the Terms of Reference for filming – all of this we do in the first week of the account registration.

Technical task example you can find here (Russian)

At the same time, we create a profile for a client or adjust an existing one.

  1. Profile name – should be short and memorable.
  2. Profile photo – preferably your logo – close-up. So the user will recognize you and perceive easier.
  3. Profile bio – brief theses about your activity: what you do, what you sell, or what special qualities do you have.
  4. Highlights – creating a consistent style for anchored stories.



When we are asked: “What is more important in a profile?”, we do not underestimate the value of copywriting, but we also know that visuals are the first thing that will keep the client on the page.

Follow the link to view an example of the content plan.

A well-placed frame or banner made by a skilled designer is better perceived by the client than just quality text.

This is the aim we write the technical task for the photographer, and then – work with the design. Here`s an example of how it looks.



The second week is a time for preparing a content plan for the next month and copywriting the publications🙂
Copywriting is an important part of account promotion as we have to hook the customer and make him sense a saturated taste.


Regarding the tone of voice for ProstoFood, our idea was to maximize product simplicity and restaurant presentation. After all, all ingenious is simple 👆

It’s like your mom had baked pancakes for you in the morning, you just washed your face and already got a simple, delicious breakfast. The same is with ProstoFood – they cook delicious home-like dishes, without any difficulties, and with delivery besides.



And, surely, not forget about the most involving thing for the customers – the stories. Filming the cooking process, a time-lapse of the day at the workplace cooks in neat robes – all this will increase the trust of your subscribers.

On the very first day of page work, we already received feedback from the restaurant`s client. And it was… ANGRY review! The fact is that the burger with a black bun had an incorrect name on the menu and, on the wave of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, it did not go unnoticed.

We promptly changed the name on the menu, publicly apologized, and turned the situation to our advantage in time: we got a loyal customer who appreciated our actions and shared our product in his feed.

All this had become possible due to the timely feedback.

Do you still think you don’t need a quality business account?

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