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Initial data:

Hello everyone! Wanna tell you about one of our cases. Once, in the rush hour of quarantine, a client approached us with three requests:

  1. To recruit online marathon.
  2. To make sure that the marathon participants flow into the TG channel.
  3. To carry out niche measurements in order to further scaling of the project. In terms of time – we had just 12 days from idea to implementation.

The budget was small, as the project was half-state and funded mainly by sponsors:

sponsors of the project

The main KPIs were as follows:

  1. Quality, so as not to be ashamed to show sponsors.
  2. To complete the task on time and on budget (“despite the quarantine budget”).
  3. To make measurements for the AC in order to give a prediction for sponsors, considering the next recruit and options for scaling the project.


We start work on all projects with an analysis of the target audience and competitors, and also always do research, regardless of the project budget.

After basic analysis, we got the following conclusions:

  1. The niche is dominated by a creative approach.
  2. Websites look good.
  3. The target audience is young and active.
  4. The decision is made by the parents, which means that the concept should be understandable for the older generation as well.
  5. Text content for audience retention is of great importance (there was no time for video content).

To develop the landing page, we decided to use the Tilda Zero Block* tool – this is a professional editor inside the Tilda website builder, which allows you to implement any idea by creating blocks with your own design.

* Great option if your budget is limited and time is running out.

This format made it possible to adjust the site to the corporate identity and to do it as quickly as possible and within the budget.

🚀💣We prepared and launched 3 different messages (benefit + pain + interest)

Messages (all in Russian):




🚀💣We launched several different visuals for the target.

Visual #1

Visual #2

Visual #3

Visual #4

🚀💣We launched separate visuals for remarketing, with an updated message.



In total, we launched 10 trial ad campaigns to find the best bundles and scale them up.


Before starting work on a project, we always implement analytics tables and precise KPIs. Here we had KPIs as follows:

  1. The number of participants at the peak.
  2. The number of participants who reached the end of the marathon.
  3. Cost of 1 participant.
  4. Landing page conversion.
  5. Which audience gives the best result in terms of the ratio (price/quality/target audience).”


It seems like I have told everything I would like to, so let`s sum up. I will tell you what I am able to speak about:

  1. Cost of 1 conversion = 43 UAH.
  2. Website conversion from remarketing = 66%.
  3. Cold traffic conversion = 31.26%.
  4. 47% of the registered ones passed the marathon from the first stage to the last lesson.

You can view the landing page here (although it has already been shortened a little bit).

The hypothesis was successfully tested. The project is interesting, useful, reproducible, and most importantly, scalable.
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