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From now on, we can no longer function as an agency.

This is due to the fact that a resident of Ivano-Frankivsk has developed a matrix “Unique advertising code”. According to it absolutely anyone can create an ideal advertisement, you just build sentences from any word in each column:


It is impossible to find it in better quality while it is exclusive


You can also watch the plot on television.

If not to joke:

Head-on advertising is dead.

Well, frankly speaking, not yet (let’s do without bright analogies).

Some very local and low-budget niches can still grab a piece by creating an ad due to the matrix: “Hurray! Win-win offer just for men on everything! Catch up!”.

But a large business with a quality product will not get anything, doing something like that. And, most likely, be disgraced in addition.

Well, that light-hearted time when all problems with applications could be solved by pouring tons of advertising budget and buying out all possible traffic, has passed. Now the world of marketing is completely different…

People have become very demanding and smart. Just six months ago, AIDA was a magic pill for all problems, and the only problem was Banner blindness.

Now people quite often consciously study advertising, go to the site, evaluate the product and make an informed decision (on pure emotion, in fact).

Long live the era of the product!

We live in a digital world, it is impossible to hide information, to hide a competitor’s product from the client, you cannot even to deceive the client.

Through any advertising and fraud, the client will find exactly that product he minds as “ideal” one, in the most incomprehensible ways.

A clear example:

  • “Darling, all your panties are already torn! Go and, finally, buy the new ones.”
  • “Yes, I am going shopping at the middle of nowhere at 7 am on Saturday.”
  • “Why wait so long? Go to the market and buy any you like, just in five minutes.”
  • “No, I have a friend, he brings excellent panties straight from Italy, does not press anything, does not sweat. I endured a lot of cowards, but now wearing only these ones.”

Yes, the situation is greatly exaggerated, but nowadays almost every person has their favorite bread, clothing brand, alcohol and whatever else.

And no matter how such a person is told in advertising that “finally!! The best offer!!..”, he will not even look at you.

And how would you react if you saw an advertisement on the Internet: “Earn money within Internet without leaving your home! Without investment …”

We had ahead almost the same advertising campaign.

A brief abstract:

ShopO is a global startup that came from America and was created in partnership with United Parcel Service (one of the largest logistics companies in the world), which allows any Ukrainian user to order almost any product from America and Europe, at the lowest shipping cost.

To be more detailed, there are 2 types of users in the application:

Customers, who create a collective order for profitable delivery of goods from any brand store in the USA, Europe or China. In the same community, they share offers that are sold out in a couple of hours.

Shopping assistants – intermediaries, who take on the burden of responsibility for the registration of customers’ goods on the site, delivery, correspondence with the store and answer any questions.

Since this market already existed in Ukraine, the primary task of the company was to attract intermediaries into their ranks!

We helped with this very task!

How to attract a person who has been in this business for several years (at least) and has developed his own habits and rituals into a completely new application?

With the advertising campaigns based on the matrix, mentioned above? – We will immediately become laughed at!

We came to the decision quite quickly: to conduct a webinar from the same shopper as our target audience, and to show in practice how convenient and better our application is. Not trying to convince him, but just show (keep in mind the story above about the fact that the product will still play a key role).

What was done?

1. The structure of the landing page has been developed



2. We made an attempt to gamble a little bit with corporate colors



3. We decided to move away from the corporate colors and look for inspiration in the word “reboot”



4. Came up with an idea for animation and voila: first progress



6. We made a layout with high-quality animation (the animation of the strip had to be adjusted for all phone extensions).

7. We corrected the texts and received a ready-made landing page

8. We developed a chat bot in Telegram, Viber and Facebook messenger for registration (it is deactivated at the moment).

9. We prepared advertising banners.


Website metrics:



To be honest, at first there was a small issue with duplicate applications, so in fact the index is slightly lower, but nevertheless at a very decent level.

General metrics/conclusions:

In 2 weeks of advertising campaign:

  1. Cheap traffic (about 5 UAH for a transition to the site) + we will use the entire warmed audience in further advertising campaigns.
  2. The conversion rate of the site, adjusted for a bug, is about 30%.
  3. The webinar attendance rate is about 15%.

Regarding bot:

  1. The number of registrations after the form is about 40%.
  2. 10% unsubscribed immediately after registration.
  3. 90% stayed in the bot forever (you can continue communication with them).

Having thought for a long time how to end this post…

Wanna ask you a couple of questions:

  • Do you like and believe in your product?
  • Are you a founder, leader, marketer, or product manager of a company?
  • Is one AC launch designed for at least 100 applications for the project?
  • Do you share the thesis: “The future belongs to companies that develop in the direction of their core competencies, and all other processes are outsourced”?

If yes, leave a request on our website. We will study the product and target audience in detail and build a traffic system into your business.

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