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Initial data

Once… a bank asked us for advice… with such a request: how to improve the design of one of the bank’s products – to make it up-to-date so that it will resonate with the target audience? How to increase the conversion of the old site? How to increase sales in one of the departments?

This is how the website looked like before us:

After a basic audit of the initial data, the client was offered to create a new website.

The main issues of the old website (There you are! Check your website👇):

  • boring / irrelevant design for the target audience;
  • too much text; poor calls to action / nondescript CTA button;
  • low download speed;
  • bad typography (weird images);
  • the website is not credible;
  • product benefits are not described.


After a series of meetings, the tasks were outlined more specifically:

  1. To promote the credit card in the market.
  2. To develop a marketing funnel.
  3. Create a new up-to-date Landing Page.
  4. To develop a new digital advertising campaign.
  5. Test several marketing hypotheses under one of the directions.
  6. To shoot a selling video.

* In this case, we will consider the Landing Page only.


To be honest, it`s a pleasure for me and the team to work on this project, since we have a great team from the bank`s side! And this is one of the reasons why we were able to show the first sketch the very next day after signing the contract.

The initial idea was to apply a strict, I would even say, club format. But during the workflow, we decided to apply this strategy for another product of the bank (so wait for the announcement). On my behalf, I want to say this will be a unique product not only for the Ukrainian market, but for the whole world, but more on that later…

We continued to work on the project, see below what happened. 👇

Before starting work on any project, we carry out a detailed analysis of the target audience. (Get the document for analyzing target audience by link) After all (the character) on the first screen must resonate with the audience… We went through a lot of stock photos, but for a long time, we could not find a character, who would become “our”…

At the moment the number of images went to the second (or more) dozen, we were already very angry with people from stock photos in advertising.❌

What’s next? In short, we’ve got crazy and went to look for an employee in the BANK, in any case, we had to finish the web site of high quality! 💪

And well, we did find him, check out the character below. 👇

The reaction was not long in coming 🙂


But back to the web site.

Further, there was a long process of corrections, improvements, as well as an unscheduled photo session. And, instead of a stock photo of a random person (as 90% of website developers do), we already had Sashko.


Here is a description of what exactly was done.

Check the algorithm for creating effective landing pages (we have created a large number of landing pages). 😎

💬 On my behalf, I would say that a landing page with no more than 11 screens is the best option. In general, an effective landing page can be divided into 5 key blocks.

1️⃣ First screen There should be a basic message so that a person immediately understands where he has got to and what he is being offered.

2️⃣ Project story It may contain such blocks: stages, tariffs, photo gallery, video.

3️⃣ Clear benefits It may contain such blocks: advantages, a list of theses, use cases, or just benefits.

4️⃣ Blocks of trust It may contain the following blocks: reviews, guarantees, and certificates, partners and success stories, a team, frequently asked questions.

5️⃣ Target action It may contain such blocks: registration or subscription form, motivating button, contacts.

P.S. What will happen to Sashko next?

Here’s a small teaser, coming soon…

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