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When it comes to managing pages on social networks or SMM, two main questions appears:

  1. What should we write about our product?
  2. Why do we need it?

Let`s go step by step 🙂

We will cover the first question with an example.

The “Ugran” company has been manufacturing products from natural stone, mainly granite, for many years.

The complex products are among the most popular ones: granite paving stones and curbs, granite slabs.

It would seem, what interesting can we tell about this product?…

company logo

profile earlier



The current Instagram profile had a number of problems:

  • irregular posting;
  • non-engaging content;
  • emotionless narration.

      “We don’t know how to take pictures or write posts, we know how to produce awesome granite…”

This statement was a response to our comments, and damn it, it set the vibe for the entire brand.

In order not to change the brand (since there is a large customer base of its own), but organically start communicating in a new way, it was proposed to introduce a character on whose behalf the broadcast would take place.

This must be a serious, bearded guy who, damn it, loves granite. Snowing, raining, wife gives birth, and he is plowing the granite. He is responsible for producing high-quality granite, and he will do it any way. He said – he did.
Approximately such description accompanied our presentation of the character 🙂

There are a lot of emotions, a little rough, but the points of branding and brand characters are always solely about emotion. Regarding the foul language… Well, you read the description of the character – such a man swears anyway 🙂

When creating a character, you need to provide him with as many details as possible. Imagine his appearance, clothes, tone of voice, suggest how he would behave in different situations. The more details you have, the more vital and fun he will be, which means he will be better remembered – this is our main goal.

We didn`t think about the name for a long time, it immediately became clear – this is Yugranich.

Quite simple, quite tritely, but do you really think Yugranich would bother with something more complicated? 🙂

This is the point in fact: as soon as you have the first sketches/ideas of the character, you start doing as he would do. Even yourself – the overall picture should be complete. Sounds a little crazy, but here we combine marketing with creativity, a little madness will be even for good.



Well, we got some kind of hipster, but the trends have not been canceled either 🙂

  • What should we write about our product?

Remember this question? Now it sounds: “What can Yugranich tell about?”

And he can tell you quite a lot:



About application of different types of granite


Give useful advice



Give recommendations when working with the product

Share the work performed



Share internal insights


And show the working process online in stories


The screenshots were taken from the PC version of Instagram, so the layout of the text and emoji appearance are disrupted, and the stories are in video format. So it is better to look through the general picture here:

And what is happening with Yugranich now?

He makes the company young 🙂

Compare by yourself!





Try to base on the inside feelings: a person in what clothes could be connected with better quality production? Exactly this effect we are trying to achieve:)

Moreover, it refreshed the team: not only did employees become interested in the social networks of their product, but they also began to get involved at all stages. Now the production team members are more accurate and get proud when a quadcopter flies over them in order to film the material for cool advertising.

What could be said more? The next order might turn out to be a delivery service to the blogger. Once it really happened. It was a narrow-specialized blogger who even gave an honest recommendation to his subscribers.

            A very important insight!! It’s very easy to check how cool your brand/idea is, just look at the employees: if they repost your social networks, wear branded clothes                 and actively show their participation in the company, this is a success. But it only works when you don’t force them to do it 🙂

And now the second question:

What do we need it for? (SMM)

1) Trust. Let`s be honest. Imagine, you see an advertisement on Facebook for a product (service) worth tens of thousands of dollars or even several hundred hryvnias. You go to the profile the advertisement comes from and suddenly see it “dead”. Will you feel safe giving your money to this company?

2) Sales. Surely, SMM sells even on its own: people write directly, ask about products, ready to make contact, and they are already “warmed up” and want exactly your product, even if it is one of the hundreds of similar products on the market.

3) Difference. It is quite a rare case a person makes a purchase decision right away – usually, he collects several options, weighs them all, and thinks. But choosing between “super granite”, “mega-granite” and “granite wholesale”, he will most likely choose “those dudes with Yugranich”. Simply because it tritely will be memorable.

4) Advertising: if you have active social networks (likes, comments, reposts), then it will be easier and cheaper to launch advertising on FB and Inst. This is how algorithms work.

Develop SMM 🙂

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