IT Case

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“HR: Buy a programmer

CEO: It’s expensive

HR: Everyone says so, just do it.”

Our client: Apeiron System is a recruiting agency that helps to cover any need in finding IT specialists for any business tasks. The main product is a database of IT specialists of any field and for any request, which makes it possible to sort by any parameters and return a shortlist of relevant candidates.


What does bravery in decision-making mean to you? For us, taking very complex and sometimes even unreal projects but to create great things in the end.

This time, precisely such a situation happened. Code name “IT Case”.

Once a client came to us with a request: “I want to launch contextual advertising to attract people.”

“Well then, let’s do it”, we replied. And we got down to business. As expected, we started with a comprehensive niche analysis, identified a range of priority tasks and quickly proceeded to implement them: setting up analytics on the website, creatives, Google ads, Facebook ads, and testing advertising messages.



While choosing the target audience, we relied on headhunters with a need for filling vacancies for IT specialists for any field, and HR specialists of the companies themselves.

We were looking for our target audience through Facebook and Instagram, since you can use interests filters and come out to the people with an interesting offer. Statistics showed that 40% of feedbacks on our ad messages were from IT specialists themselves, who were looking for a job and projects.



That is to say, our creatives worked a little differently than we expected. Visual attracted not only employers, but also job seekers.

To be honest, we truly were pleased by such results. After all, the resource is two-sided, and the resume base must be constantly updated to be relevant. The client’s website was a special  hassle. It’s designed as an online store where you can “buy” an IT specialist. With existing smart filters, key parameters and adding favorites to the cart with the possibility of final verification before placing a deal, the idea of it is quite interesting, and in general, convenient.


Our creatives attracted the audience, but users who followed the link were met with a mindless infodump.



And here it came to our minds: it should be separated. We divided the audience of the website into two and integrated the idea to the product itself. As part of the advertising campaign, for each audience were developed their own messages that revealed the essence and usefulness of the brand. And when they got to the site, everyone went their own way.



We made the landing, the main goal of which was a preparation of the client to the main site. We developed a complex customer journey which revealed the values of the product itself.

Furthermore, we developed a new pricing policy for subscribers, which included simple math: if you are constantly looking for candidates for vacancies, it is much more profitable for you to subscribe (premium account) than to shell out an average of 300 UAH out of your pocket for one contact. This approach made the pricing policy logical and reasonable for subscribers.


Also, we created a detailed automized guide of virtual instructor that from the first steps of introduction with a service leads the user to the sale of the benefit that they felt in the free trial version.

And here is the landing.

Competitor audit and analysis

It was determined that there are several sharks and a dozen small fish operating in the client niche. The summary table of competitor analysis results clearly showed:

  • The value of the product is an interesting concept of the site – “an online store where you can buy a resume of a suitable candidate” – has not been disclosed or played out in any way.
  • The pricing policy was much higher than that of competitors (premium subscription $200), benefits for subscribers are not outlined.
  • Engagement – site visits are situational and irregular, there were no registration form, visits are not recorded or tracked in any way.
  • The customer base was completely absent, which negates the ability to control and carry out repeat sales. Many visitors entered, closed all their needs at one time and never returned.

What steps have been taken?


  • selected corporate fonts and colors
  • developed a brand book of the company (check it out)
  • made a selling landing page
  • developed visuals
  • picked up visualization with an emphasis on many years of experience and the popularity of the resource


  • set up analytics on the site
  • created a summary comparison table for subsequent accounting and monitoring
  • configured FB Pixel
  • configured GTM
  • created a base for look a like for target audience search


  • made new banners for finding and engaging programmers
  • created advertising texts to search for programmers via Facebook
  • developed a banner for a telegram bot
  • created a checklist and infographic (check it out)


  • updated company profile on LinkedIn
  • improved Telegram bot for ease of communication
  • developed texts for automatic sending of welcome letters to new users
  • wrote scripts for the sales department together with the client
  • created posts for all communication channels

Price policy

  • developed a new pricing policy for subscribers
  • introduced a free trial period for new users
  • created an algorithm that made it possible to form a base of regular users and premium subscribers


As a result of the work, the Soloviov Marketing Agency team:

  • Tested marketing campaign hypotheses
  • Developed an understandable, repeatable and scalable business model.
  • Nicely redesigned the whole business
  • Developed a customer journey map
  • Prepared the client for investing, as there were clear points of business growth.
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