Capitalising on Nostalgia

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WARNING: keep kids away from the screen! This post is only for those who remember the nineties! We write openly and unrestrainedly; there is no other way about such a case. Profanities and cultural references are included 😏




We have been successfully cooperating with Unex Bank for a long time. For those who has not yet read about our cases with them, you can familiarize yourself with:


Another of our projects was the launch of the first release of the promotion: a cash loan with a 90-day repayment period without interest.

We’ve never seen loan conditions that are so fucking amazing.




For the most part, bank advertising campaigns are very similar. All over snooze fest:


“We repackaged the credit card” – no one cares, Vasya

“We have the best cashback” — but the cashback is exactly the same as everyone else’s

“New credit limit” – who cares? 😴


Our client, on the other hand, wanted some creativity, something fabulous, in order to be different in the stream of direct, intrusive advertising.




To develop a creative concept for an advertising campaign for a cash loan for promotion on social media.




We started the brainstorming process with a focus group, selecting a group of people who have already taken or would like to take out a loan, from the target audience.

Even during the preparatory questions, the discussion acquired a sentimental tinge. It turned out that most of the target audience are people whose youth happened in the 90s, and they have many pleasant memories of this period.

At this point, we decided to focus on 90s nostalgia. We wanted people to look at our ads and remember their youth, the good and “simpler” time.



It took about three weeks from the moment of idea to implementation. In the process of developing banners, we got several images, from boomboxes in neon colors like from the wrapper of the “Love is” gum …




… and up to the people in black.



Will Smith made a cameo in another way too.



And The Matrix for dessert, because when it comes to the 90s you can’t forget The Matrix.



In addition to bright pungent banners, we also created a landing page with a calculator.



To sum up, this campaign turned out to be one of the most successful in terms of engagement rates. The CTR was about 8%. A normal CTR for the financial sector is considered to be 1-2%, but with a creative approach, as you can see, the result turned out to be pretty extra.


Every fourth user of those who visited the website left an inquiry. Due to hitting the target audience so precisely, the average cost per lead was less than a dollar.




Today, you can rivet a landing page and maintain social media profiles on your own. The audience, however, is more aware and demanding more than ever before. This is why, when it comes to a serious investment, a truly successful marketing campaign requires an understanding of the customers and the market, as well as the creation of a focused strategy.


An integrated approach with creative thinking — this is the formula for a successful advertising campaign. Fierce design is the shit (we’re aiming for that too), but it’s the thinking behind it that turns words and pictures into something meaningful for customers and their users.


Bottom line: The quality of emotion elicited from your consumer directly affects the number of transactions with your brand. And they, in turn, affect your bank account (or your stash under the mattress, since we know that the 90s can always return).


Stay strong, bitches ✊😎

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